Modern Survey mThrive Dashboard and Integration with Aon Engagement Reporting Methodology. This project was the culmination of integrating two companies, two methodologies many different techologies and an endless list of wants and opinions. When Aon acquired Modern Survey, we were presented with a unique challenge. Keep both Aon and MS clients happy and allow them to keep the tools they've come to love and know. No easy task to say the least. What you see below is the dashboard that we created in order to help novice users navigate and understand Engagement and how they can take action. 

My role in this project was the conception, design, overseeing and implementation of some of the front end code. We began by creating paper prototypes and then moved onto InvisionApp to build out a prototype to test with clients, sales consultants and the executive team. The project was a major success and continues to evolve.
Alternative Dashboard Concepts

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